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Master Plan of relocation Saigon River Ports

For over 30 years, PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION has surveyed and designed numerous projects in various fields of ports, maritime structures, access channels, bank protection, container yards, soil improvement, etc., which stretch nationwide from the North, the Centre and the South.

The projects surveyed and designed by PORTCOAST are owned by local and foreign investors or joint venture companies/ associations in various fields such as cement industry, thermo-electrical industry, gas petroleum industry; general terminals, container terminals, etc.

Typical port projects and maritime structures that have been surveyed  and designed by PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION are owned by domestic investors such as: Dung Quất Refinery, Cà Mau Gas-Power-Fertilizer Project, Nghi Sơn Refinery, Sài Gòn Port, Bến Nghé Port, Hà Tiên 1 Cement Company, Hà Tiên 2 Cement Company, Đồng Nai Port, PTSC Terminal, Tân Thuận Industrial Promotion Company, Saigon Newport Company, GEMADEPT, Sài Gòn Shipyard, Cần Thơ Petroleum Total Warehouse, Bình Dương General Cargo Terminal…

Holcim Cement Port in Cat Lai

Construction of VEDAN Port

Petec Port in Cat Lai

Bến Nghé Container Terminal

Hòn Chông Port - Sao Mai Cement Plant

Chinfon Port

Vitaico Port

Nghi Sơn Cement Plant Jetty

Hiệp Phước Cement Distribution Jetty

Phú Mỹ Steel Plant Port

Dung Quất Port  

Port, waterway projects, maritime structures, etc. that have been surveyed and designed by PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION are owned by foreign investors such as: Chinfon Group, Vedan, Formosa (Taiwan – ROC), Hutchison Port Holding Limited HPH, Lee & Man (Hong Kong – ROC), P&O Ports (Britain), Dubai World (UAE), SSA (USA), Maerks (Denmark), PSA, Atelier Management Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), Siam Cement (Thailand), Kyoei Steel, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan), HOLCIM (Switzerland), Lafarge (France), POSCO (Korea), etc. It can be said that most of projects in the field of ports and waterways, maritime structures funded by large foreign capital sources into Vietnam have Portcoast’s involvement/participation.

During the process of performing projects, subject to each project scale and requirement of the Investors, Portcoast has cooperated/associated with a number of International Consultants (Japan, France, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, German, USA, Denmark, Taiwan – ROC).

Bathymetric map of Cái Mép Thị Vải - Lòng Tàu - Soài Rạp River

Hydrological Survey (Soai Rap River)

Bathymetric map of Bassac river - Quan Chanh Bo channel - New River Line

3D Model of Soai Rap river channel

Strata Profile of Soai Rap river channel

Satellite image of Dinh An estuary area

Network of channels - Van Phong International Transit Terminal

Van Phong Gulf  

Feasibility study of Văn Phong International Transit Terminal, design of soil improvement for Cà Mau Gas-Power-Fertilizer project and detailed design of Dung Quất Breakwater have been executed by PORTCOAST in cooperation with international sub-consultants, namely SNC Lavalin, Sol Expert and Apave-Sorgreah Association respectively.

Maritime structures and wharves for vessels ranging from 1,000 DWT to 70,000 DWT designed by PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION have various forms and styles for  suiting with all kinds of topographical and geological conditions as well as operational purposes. It is able to say that most of the major port projects in fields of petroleum industry, cement production industry and in open seas in Việt Nam for large vessels have been consulted, surveyed and designed by PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION.

The engineers and experts of PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION, who have been trained in local and abroad, are experienced in design and survey of port, waterway, and coastal works. PORTCOST CONSULTANT CORPORATION have been highly regarded by international consultants for qualification and sense of responsibility.

National major projects have been completed by PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION:

Phú mỹ Steel Plant Port

Phú Mỹ Port

Hiệp Phước Cement Distribution Berth

Holcim Cement Port

Area of Thi Vai, Phuoc An and Go Dau Ports  

  Detailed plan of HCM City - Đồng Nai - Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu port system (Group No.5) - VINAMARINE

  Master plan of relocation for Sài Gòn ports and Ba Son Shipyard - VINAMARINE

  Product Export Jetties - Dung Quất Refinery- Petrovietnam

  Breakwater - Dung Quất Refinery - Petrovietnam

  Master plan for large ports in Mekong Delta – VINAMARINE / Waterway Project Management Unit III

  Detailed plan of Urban Transport Development in HCM City – Transport and Public Works Department of HCM City

  Master plan of Văn Phong International Transit Terminal, Khánh Hoà province- VINAMARINE/ W-PMU III

International Container Terminal - Sài Gòn Port - SSA

An Phú Shipyard

Cái Mép Container Terminal

Thị Vải International Port

Saigon Premier Container Terminal  

  Detailed plan of Access Channel for Large Vessels via Bassac river – Ministry of Transport/ W-PMU

  Topographic,  geological survey and design of soil improvement for Cà Mau Gas - Power – Fertilizer project - Petrovietnam

  Geological, hydraulic survey and preliminary design for maritime structures of Nghi Sơn Petro-Chemical Refinery Complex - Thanh Hóa province - Petrovietnam

  Experimental Dredging of  Soai Rap River navigation channel, Phase II - Tân Thuận IDP

  Feasibility Study of Access Channel Improvement via Định An Estuary in cooperation with SNC-Lavalin (Canada).

At present, PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION is implementing major and typical projects as follows:

Conclusion of agreement with SNC-Lavalin

Meeting with JICA Study Team

Report to Vice Minister of Transport Trần Doãn Thọ on master plan of relocating Sài Gòn river ports and Ba Son Shipyard  

  Improvement project of a navigational channel to the Bassac river.

  Cho Gao Canal Upgrading project.

  Coal transshipment terminal in Melkong Delta.

  Overall and comprehensive study of Cai mep Thi Vai navigational channel.

  Quang trach thermal power center.

  The integrated steel mill and Son Duong port Formosa Ha Tinh.

  Lach Huyen Port Infrastructure Construction Project.

With hi-tech in-situ geotechnical instruments and a laboratory automatically operated with high accuracy, PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION has met complicated requirements on surveying and testing work for the major projects such as: Sài Gòn Premier Container Terminal, Cái Mép International Terminal, Cái Mép - Thị Vải International Terminals, etc.

PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION has invested in establishing Geomatics Department specializing in surveying topography, researching GIS and remote sensing. Especially, PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION is one of the pioneers applying RTK Technology (Real Time Kinematic) to the bathymetric mapping work for hundred thousands of ha areas with high accuracy and efficiency for major projects such as: access channel for large vessels via Bassac river, hydraulic and bathymetric survey of Soài Rạp river and Cái Mép - Thị Vải - Gành Rái Bay area, etc.

By equipped with such the modern instruments, PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION can perform the surveying and testing work for large-scaled projects in Nghi Sơn, Cái Mép-Thị Vải, Định An…

In addition to design and survey works, PORTCOAST CONSULTANT CORPORATION has provided cons-truction supervision services as well as consultancy services in legal formalities for obtaining the port opening licence and the international port operation licence (upon completion of the project) in compliance with Government’s Regulations.

Detailed design of Dung Quất Breakwater – Refinery No. 1

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